Os Segredos por Trás dos Nossos Queijos Artesanais

The Secrets Behind Our Artisanal Cheeses

At our cheese factory, each cheese is the result of a meticulous combination of superior quality ingredients and traditional manufacturing methods.

We carefully select fresh milk from local producers, ensuring its purity and freshness. Our master cheesemakers use artisanal techniques passed down through generations to transform this milk into cheeses with an exceptional flavor and unique texture. The secret lies in the attention to detail, from pasteurization temperature to maturation time, resulting in cheeses that are true works of culinary art.

Milk quality is fundamental to producing exceptional cheeses, which is why we only use fresh milk from trusted local producers. The milk is carefully transported to our cheese factory, where it undergoes a rigorous pasteurization process to guarantee its safety and quality. Then, the milk is inoculated with specific lactic cultures, which start the fermentation process and contribute to the flavor and texture of the final cheese.

After fermentation, the milk curdles and is cut into small pieces, allowing the whey to drain. The rennet is then transferred to molds, where it is pressed to expel excess liquid and shape the cheese. Depending on the type of cheese we are producing, it may be salted at this point or left to mature before being salted later in the process.

The next step is maturation, where the cheeses are left to develop their unique flavors. During this time, the cheeses are turned regularly and closely monitored to ensure they are developing as expected. Finally, the cheeses are ready to be packaged and sent to our customers, ready to be enjoyed in all their splendor.

In short, the secrets behind our artisan cheeses lie in the quality of the ingredients, the experience of our master cheesemakers and the respect for Oriola's cheesemaking traditions. Each cheese we produce is an expression of the love and dedication we dedicate to our craft, resulting in cheeses of exceptional quality that delight the most demanding palates.

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