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Our Tradition

The company Queijos Fialho & Valverde is 26 years old, having been incorporated on 08/04/1997.
Headquarters in Oriola, Portel.
It develops its main activity in the milk and dairy products industry.

Created by Carmelia and her husband.
He currently has the help of two of his children, Patrícia and Pedro Valverde.

Carmélia grew up helping her father who had a grocery store, made bread, sausages and cheese and went to markets and Lisbon to sell what they produced, as was the custom in the small villages of Alentejo.

Discover our variety of cheeses

Oriola is a village bathed by water and also quite rich in pasture.

It is here that the goats and sheep that give us the milk for our cheeses roam.

They are handcrafted by the wise hands of Carmélia, her children Patrícia and Pedro who help fulfill their mother's dream.

The Oriola cheese factory is a family business where all hygiene and safety rules are complied with.

Our cheeses

The Queijaria de Oriola offers an authentic experience rich in traditions through its artisanal cheeses. It provides a journey through the intense and unique flavors of Alentejo, each cheese is an expression of love, dedication and respect for the land and animals. Combining ancestral manufacturing techniques with the family's passion, it creates products with an unparalleled flavor that celebrate regional culture and cuisine. This cheese shop doesn't just sell cheese; it shares a cultural heritage, offering connoisseurs a deep connection with the land and its traditions.

  • Authentic and Traditional Flavor of Alentejo

    Our traditional Oriola cheeses offer a genuine and authentic flavor, which reflects the rich gastronomic heritage of the Alentejo. Produced following artisanal methods and curated with care, each bite is a sensorial experience that transports connoisseurs to the unique landscape and traditions of the region.

  • Handmade Production and Care in Every Detail

    Each Oriola cheese is carefully produced and cured by our master cheesemakers, following traditional methods passed down from generation to generation. This dedication to quality and craftsmanship ensures that each piece is a gastronomic masterpiece, reflecting the love and care we put into each step of the manufacturing process.

  • Contribution to the Preservation of Culture and Sustainable Practices

    By choosing our traditional Oriola cheeses, consumers not only enjoy a product of exceptional quality, but also contribute to the preservation of Alentejo culture and sustainable practices. We exclusively use fresh milk from free-grazing goats, supporting local producers and promoting a traditional and sustainable farming lifestyle.