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Queijaria de Oriola

Cured Goat Lunch Box

Cured Goat Lunch Box

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Weight: 180 grams (approx.)

It's not just a cheese, it's the heartbeat of Alentejo, it's the essence of a region in each portion. Our Cured Goat Lunch is an invitation to slow down and taste the richness of Oriola, at any time. Generous and full of soul, each piece is a hymn to the earth, a fragment of the immensity of the Alentejo sky that melts in your mouth. The goats, fed by the generous sun and the gentle breeze, offer us milk that gives life to a cheese of exceptional quality, full of freedom and the purity of days lived in harmony with nature. Tasting our Merendeira is more than tasting cheese; it is a complete sensory experience, a pleasure that captures the true soul of the Alentejo.

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