Tradições Queijeiras de Oriola: Preservar o Património Alentejano

Cheesemaking Traditions of Oriola: Preserving Alentejo Heritage

In Oriola, the art of making cheese is a pillar of the region's culture and gastronomy. For centuries, families here have dedicated themselves to the art of cheesemaking, preserving techniques and knowledge passed down from hand to hand. Our cheese factory in Oriola is proud to continue this tradition, offering cheeses that are the true expression of Alentejo. By enjoying our cheeses, you are not only enjoying products of exceptional quality, but also contributing to the preservation of Oriola's cultural heritage.

We make our cheeses with the same dedication and care that our ancestors used. From the choice of ingredients to the curing method, we respect the ancient cheesemaking practices of Oriola. Therefore, we created a range of artisanal cheeses that are authentic gastronomic treasures, each telling its own story of flavor and tradition.

In addition to our dedication to the production of high quality cheeses, we are committed to promoting the richness of Oriola's cheesemaking traditions. We actively participate in gastronomic events in the municipality, where we have the opportunity to share our passion for cheese with the community and visitors. These participations are a way of celebrating and preserving the local cheese culture, allowing more people to discover and be enchanted by the unique flavors that Oriola has to offer.

In short, the cheesemaking tradition in Oriola is a living treasure, essential to the identity of Alentejo. Choosing our artisanal cheeses is a way to not only appreciate superior quality products, but also to support the continuity of a precious heritage. Together, we can ensure that Oriola's cheesemaking legacy will be enjoyed by future generations.

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